dot December 2 2009

Version update

X5 PRO.511

We have added quite a few new features and enhancements.
There are several major changes in UI and engine.
Version PRO is now freeware, and replaced the regular version.
Feel free to try it. It's FREE now!

dot July 8 2009

Version update

X4 PRO 550

CSS autocomplete improvement.
Some minor changes.

dot June 16 2009

Version update

X4 PRO 549

Some minor changes.
Few minor bugs repaired.

dot February 25 2009

Version update

X4 PRO 547

Some minor changes.
Few minor bugs repaired.

dot October 21 2008

Version update

X4 PRO 545

SVG Autocomplete.
Few minor changes.

dot October 6 2008

Version update
X4 PRO 544

MANY, MANY new features and updates.
Major core improvements!
Better costumization of interface,
Better incorporation with operating systems,
We have taken many existing functions and made them much better.
Another functions and improvements including :
CSS Layout wizard,
Changed UI and graphics,
PHP functions search and popup info,
XHTML2, XForms, XFrames, and other language updates to latest norms,
Better CSS autocomplete,
Tag closing autocomplete
Current line highlighting
Ruby language support,
Faster syntax coloring with more setting choices
CSS/DIV table wizard
CSS # id picker
better LPEC
many important changes in almost every part of the tool.
minor bug repairs, and many other improvements.