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Roden Web Editor
is a complete web development environment that combines powerful code editing and authoring tools that help you do more, more easily.
For beginners and professionals alike!

Beginners will find invaluable source of attractive and ready-to-use choice of document templates, wizards, tags, code, effects and will be able to place them on a page easily with click of a mouse.

Professionals will appreciate code readibility and extensive variety of objects, propeties, tags, snippets, methods, filters, events, constructors, Autocomplete helpers, code formaters, code helpers, hints, references, code searching/replacing, preview choices, and external tools.

Support for many web languages
* JavaScript,AJAX

* Variety of built in functions
* Code manipulators
* FTP client uploading
* Search engine
* Previewing
* In-code image viewing, and helpers

* Many web language references,
* Objects
* Functions
* Properties and keywords tree pickers and lists,...

Text Editor
* Line numbering
* Unicode support
* Multiple level Undo/Redo
* Find and Replace in files
* Bookmarking
* Bracket highlighting
* Block select
* Matching and missing HTML tag highlighting
* HTML closing tag finding
* HTML parent tag finding

HTML, CSS, Javascript/AJAX, PHP,.. Code Writing
* Auto Complete for HTML, SVG, XSLT XSL-FO,.. tags
* Auto Complete for CSS, Javascript/AJAX, PHP
* HTML Color Picker, Tens of usefull wizards
* CSS Selector Browser, CSS Explorer
* Javascript/AJAX, PHP function hints

Easy to use
* Intuitive interface
* Button and code hints and help
* Organized language and reference tabs
* One click insertion of code, tags and programming blocks,...

Code helpers and wizards
* Autocompletefeature for many languages,
* Code formatings
* Code checkers
* New document templates
* Many usefull and time saving wizards, ..

Internal viewer
* Viewing documents
* Manipulating with objects in visual stage,..

* Multiple document interface
* Taskbar (Document Tabs)
* Workspace layout management
* Internal viewer

Code Syntax Highlighting
* HTML syntax highlighting
* XHTML syntax highlighting
* CSS syntax highlighting
* JavaScript syntax highlighting
* VBScript syntax highlighting
* PHP syntax highlighting
* ASP syntax highlighting
* XML syntax highlighting
* Ruby syntax highlighting
* SMIL syntax highlighting
* SVG syntax highlighting
* XSL syntax highlighting

Code Previewing
* Built-In real-time Preview
* Split Screen Preview
* Preview in any External Browser

Productivity Tools
* Project management and publishing to FTP or SFTP
* Built-in File Explorer
* Code Library
* Page validations using online validators

User Interface

 Offers rich choice of editing in languages (HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, XSLT, RSS, SVG, SMIL,...).


Developers now have wide variety of tags, wizards, effects, filters, attributes and code available with just a click of a mouse.


Beside of syntax highlighting and the built-in preview, the program offers
large snippets library with full collection of tags, attributes, events, objects, functions, statements and operators (at whole over 800), allowing you to insert them into web page by simple click.


AJAX, JavaScript developers can now enjoy the objects tree style view of objects, their methods, properties and constructors and insert them by simple click of a mouse.

CSS coders will find very usefull CSS propertie/value picker and insertor, together with tags and CSS wizards.

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PHP coders will find invaluable function reference,list and picker with hints what selected function actualy does, keywords, constants, superglobals,..

For other languages there are many simular references and features.

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Snippets - user definable pieces of code insertable by single click.


Preview is possible in 3 ways:
in built-in browser (with many useful tools and ability to change values of objects in preview mode),
split view (browser/code) and in any external browsers on PC.



Search/Replace engine, many External tools, build-in File browser


Document Bookmarks, highliting lines.


Code reference in document for easy navigation in complicated code.


And many more features......


When coding, you don't need to leave editor to perform searches on language elements. You can keep your context, find the information you need, insert elements directly into the code and even have Autocomplete complete your typing for you.

First of all we need to point out the great and invaluable Autocomplete
for many languages.
Autocomplete provides an array of options that make language references easily accessible. This feature monitores your keystrokes and offering pick-lists with member functions, methods, properties,...

For HTML/XHTML, SVG, SMIL, XSLT, RSS - it provides list of tags, it's attributes, and it's dynamic or static values.



For CSS - it provides autocomplete of properties, it's values, available ID's
and also many helpful wizards (color picker, file browser,...).


For Javascript/AJAX - it provides list of objects, dynamic variables, it's methods, properties and constructors. In use with getElementById() it also offers list of actual available id's in HTMl document, with custom functions it gives you a function atributes and description,
and other useful functions



For PHP - it provides list of functions, dynamic variables, functions hints and other helpers.


Code formating for easier code reading,
and highliting curly braces ( so it is easy to navigate in complicated code ).


find closing Tags .


Image in code (image url) viewing.


Indenting children tags of selected parent tag (in context menu)


Autoindent - when Enter key pressed the cursor moves on indented position of previous line .

And MANY, MANY more functions. Try it yourself, ...

No adware, spyware, or any other dangerous software included !
No spyware reward

features described here are of freeware and PRO version features