About Roden Web Editor
Errors , bugs , improvements

About Roden Web Editor
What's included ?:
Roden Web Editor includes hundrets of easy to use
functions, helpers, references, code manipulators, autocomplete, previewing and publishing features for HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, RSS, SVG, XSLT, SMIL, Ruby, WML web languages, internal FTP program, and huge variety of functions.Click here for more info.
There is NO spyware, adware or any other harmfull software included !
When Roden Web Editor started ?:
Roden Web Editor started in early 2003 and first version came on internet in may 2003.
Now Roden Web Editor is popular in many countries.
How often are new versions available?:
New versions are available in periods of about 1 year. Minor updates are available - about every 2 months for PRO version and about 5 months for Freeware version.
What country is current home of Roden Web Editor ?:
United Kingdom.(Originaly started in USA)
What languages is , or will be , Roden Web Editor available in ?:
Currently in English and Czech.But in future versions will be available in about 5 addition languages. We are currently working on translating this software into Spanish.
On what system can Roden Web Editor run at?:
Currently on Windows only (with .NET 2.0 ), but we plan in future to make this great tool being available for Mac OS X and Linux as well.
What does it mean it is Standalone version?:
"Standalone" means that you don't need to install this software on your machine.
You can run it from anywhere - external disk, USB drive, CD, etc...
Although program creates a settings file on your machine (to remember your user settings) in common user application folder,
it doesn't need to actualy be present on your machine.

How do I install and uninstall this great program?:
RodenWebEditor is "Standalone" software, which means that you don't need to install this software on your machine.
You can run it from anywhere - external disk, USB drive, CD, etc...
Just download the RodenWebEditor.exe file and save it anywhere you like.
To run it: just double click on the file.
To uninstall: just delete the file and that is it.

Errors , bugs , improvements

I have a idea for imrovement .How can I assist to improve this tool?
Please feel free to let us know. Send us email .
I found a BUG .How can I assist to improve this tool?
If You found a BUG,error in this tool please feel free to let us know.
You can do so on Error report page.
I was not able to start the program after installation:
Please check that you have .NET 2.0 framework instaled on your computer.
Additionaly please check for update on our pages.
I got this or simular Error :
System.UnauthorisedAccessException: Access to the path \'C:\\Users\\....' is denied.

This error is caused by Windows Vista, and it's access permision settings on some of the folders.
To prevent this, you can set access permision on desired folders in folder properties.